Friday, September 20, 2013

New Beginnings

Find space for good people to penetrate into your life
remove those who filled it by darkness and painful strife
Keep your ways but change your says
Never wait for people to colour your days
We live but never learn
We keep losing what we earn
A smile on our face
never shows what we face
Mostly we intend to pretend
So that people whom we love
will never know what we hide
Caring for others go side by side
with the pain we keep inside
It's a great sacrifice, giving not taking
But how many lives will be there waiting
It's a riddle that needs to be solved
you are all for this quest involved
Do we keep it going on
or find a new light and turn it on
Many choices are there
We are the ones to be aware
of what we want before it's too late
Chances can never take a break and await
So far the loss can be compensated
Even if we feel a little bit frustrated
Time will always heal the pain
As the desert is revived by the rain
One last thing to said
before we approach the end
New beginnings can always be found
if we just take a closer look around

Tareq S.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tareq says:

It's NOT saying, it's doing..
Keeping PROMISES, not breaking them..
Being REAL, not FAKE..
Being consistent all the time..
Showing CARE, not pretending it..
In one word, UNCHANGEABLE...