Thursday, August 1, 2013


Football vs Sex.

1. Going to your bf/gf without being invited =
2. Dating a girl today and having sex on the same day = FREE-KICK.
3. Condom = GOALKEEPER
4. Condom breaks = PENALTY
5. Abortion = RED CARD
6. A girl with lots of energy = CAPTAIN
7. Having sex without a condom = OWN GOAL
8. Taking a lot of time without cumming = MAN
9.Banging 3 girls in a day = HAT-TRICK.
10. Having many chicks and banging all = MVP
11. Having sex with your ex = FRIENDLY
12. 8 years of sex without getting a child = ARSENAL
13. After 2 rounds, u request for more = EXTRA TIME.
14. Taking it gently when having sex = FAIR
15. Biting her n!pples = SUAREZ
16.Two legs on shoulder = THROWIN
17. Asking her 'how do you want it' = Taking
instructions on the sideline.
18. A lady using pills after sex and later still got
19.Girl being pregnant = GoOoOoOallllll

20.Ur guy collect ur chick= True pass
21.Having sex with a girl..and your mum open
the door= Injury
22.You and your girl break up= Game over
23. Girl tell u to stop= YELLOW CARD
24: Having sex for the first time = GOING ON TRIAL
25: Your partner left you for another = Transfer market

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