Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Dream

I stopped dreaming since I was a kid
No more fairytales to be read in bed
Why to watch movies on TV
When life is full of all the action you can think of
Drama is no more plays to be acted on stage
People use it to get sympathy when others are in rage
We see all the wrong that others do
Yet, we don't even try to stop
Knowing is not enough in this world
You need to go beyond what is hidden behind the word
Enemies are friends
And friends are enemies
People are good at judging
As if we're living in a court
Free yourself from the prison you are living in
By making your mind fly away from your poisonous thoughts
Beginnings start with you
Once you know who you want to be
Think to be what you really see
Life is a dream
Let's make it real
Tareq S.

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