Sunday, June 23, 2013

Stopped Believing!

My thoughts from now are going to be mine
I'm not going to share even one single line
No use of telling others
Of how much pain is caused by others
I give to feel the joy
To see the happiness on people's faces
To make their day a real toy
Where they leave behind all traces
Of the past and its sorrow
But not what we plan, we get
What we expect is never what we get
No one to blame
When we do what we really claim
Excuses should be given
To make things forgotten
How long should we wait
For destiny or fate
Are we still going to believe?
There are people who could relieve
Our pain and be the cure
To all what we really endure
For me, I stopped believing
I'll go back hibernating
Mind and heart are closed
No one is allowed in
No one is allowed in

Tareq S.

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