Friday, May 31, 2013


We live to tell
All the lessons we learn so well
Take advantage of yesterday
To be able to live today
Ignore what bothers you
Stick to those who love you
Life is short to regret
Just pass things and forget

Tareq S.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Be First

What is gone, can't be re-done
Start from today, what u missed yesterday
Live for yourself by being yourself
Ignoring should be ur rule
Enjoying must be your tool
Who really needs u, knows ur way
Who wants to use u, give him away
Stop and think
Before you sink
Into people's selfishness
Never waste your time
With their craziness
Be first
Who's next is definitely the worst...

Tareq S.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

لا تلم

لم نفسك على ما تقدم ولا تلم الاخرين فتندم
الحياة اجبار
وأفعالنا اختيار
أن تخطئ ليس عيبا
العيب ان تتمادى فيه
اترك ما لا ينفعك
علك تجد ما ينفعك
احذر اللئيم
فهو كالمرض السقيم
صاحب ذو الفضل الكريم
فهو الدواء لكل عليل
لا تنظر خلفك
فحتى ظلك
يمشي أمامك


Friday, May 17, 2013


لا تقل ما تشعر به على العلن فبعض الأخبار لست للعلن
أخبارك مهما كانت ستجذب الغير
حاول ان تحفضها بعيدا عن الغير
ما كل ما تعتقده صحيح
فكثير من الخطأ صحيح
نعطي كي نأخذ
ولكن عطاؤنا يؤخذ
كلما مشينا أكثر
كان الباقي أكثر
فالأيام هي الحكم
ومنها نتعلم الحكم


Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Promises are to be kept all through the years
Not to be said and forgotten once being uttered
They show how trustful we can be without fears
Of sharing them except with the ones that mattered
Keep your words if u really mean them
Not to share what u don't really believe
Once we hold the secret, it's us not them
Never worry, it'll make u relieve
Promise me and I'll keep mine
As if it is a paper we sign.
Tareq S.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Quite Philosophical

Different Ways

We lead different paths
That take us in different directions
Time passes as we use maths
To calculate the distance with no instructions
We seem far away
When memories take us away
To a point with no return
When time doesn't make a u-turn
How hopeless it is trying to cling
When the bells start to ring
All the past in our mind
Too late dear to rewind
This time it's for real
When no more emotions to feel
Last word was goodbye
And now it comes by

Tareq S.

An introduction to my 8th graders project

Thx to Abdallah Al-Hadithy for the background music.