Friday, April 26, 2013

It's been said that sharing is caring
It's how big problems are eliminating
Friends are always there
Whenever things get unfair
Never feel alone
When the world turns aside
Don't sit & cry or even hide
what is inside your heart
Give it a try to part
U'll definitely have a bigger place
to restart, redo & race
Life will never stop
just give it a kick & hop
Look around u
U'll find ur friends
giving u a hand
where u can land
Show them ur beautiful smile
to start a new journey with the first mile
Let's start a new beginning
Forgetting the past
to make the present last

Tareq S.

Friday, April 12, 2013

My Birthday....

Here comes the year
When I grow up a year
What did I gain?
Will it be the same?
It carries its name
A birthday...
A day to remember
To make us admit
Trying hard to fit
In a world of change
Where no limit or range
Be up to the challenge
To catch up
To look up
And never be down
Even when candles are blown
It's always a new beginning

Tareq S.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

عالم غريب

عالم غريب كتير كتير
كله عايش بوهم التغيير
مش عارفين اذا كانوا نايميين..
او يمكن... صاحيين
حياتهم بتمشي بالباسورد
Click & touch
Remove & add
كله ماشي
مع انو كتير عادي
Stunning stars
Posts on bars
خفوا علينا شوي
مش فصة هاي
الكل خبير
حتى عبير
وبعدين مع هل حالة
مطولة كتير!

Tareq S.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Just wondering!

I wanted to think with you in a quite loud voice maybe u'll help me figure out what is really going on these days with most people...
I really wonder y people became so ungrateful; they reached a very high level of selfishness. They don't mind taking but never giving not even a thank you to be heard.
I really wonder how cruel they became in their words and actions...
I really wonder can we go back in time?
I really wonder y the good became odd when the bad is dominant ?
Many questions are there but the answer is ONE, people changed and there is no way on earth to make them go back!!