Friday, February 8, 2013


It's Not as Easy as the ABC

I wish if life was still as easy
As the ABC
But that can't be done
As I can see
We were so small and childish
With unoccupied mind and so boyish
Playing, watching TV and school
That was really regarded cool
We grew up to find out
Life is so complicated…
Most of the time it's unfair
We have to be aware
Of people who hide their real faces
And attack us in different places
True friends are found in stories
Few or none can be depended on
Each day we learn a lesson
That teaches us how to listen
To our mind before our heart
To feel pain when we depart
But life goes on
And we always try to hold on
To continue living
In a world where no giving
It's no more the ABC
I really try to be
Definitely nothing but me
Tareq S.