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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Whenever I go back in time
Trying to recall the songs that rhyme
Think of you and me
What a joy it brings to be!
Nothing in life stays the same
Even the way now I call your name
So strange… How things seem to be
After nothing has been left for me
I'm living the days to pass away
My pain and drift it away
No ache is still in my heart
Like how it felt the day we depart
Life never stops or ends
For people who come and go
Lessons in life will always be taught
Though they can never be really bought
Learn one good lesson today
And use it each & every day
To make tomorrow a day to look for
Leaving the past and long for more
Find a love song for the day
That you can sing and say
The past has gone
Life has just begun

Tareq S. 

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