Sunday, December 23, 2012


Touch and sight
are used in chat
Speaking less
is what you do
Every time you text
Yo Yo
How blessed you are!
Staring eyes
Reading lies
That's not wise!
Oh, wake up dude!
And time goes on
You still scroll on
Reaching the end
But still trying to send
Yo Yo
The story goes on
Night & day
That's your way
of how to say
What's on your mind?
To keep in touch
I don't have much
to add or say
Yo Yo
Goodbye for now

Tareq S.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


بين وجهين يتلونون
يبدون الحب وهم يبغضون
تحسبهم يحبونك
وهم عنك يتكلمون
يسعون لكسب ثقتك
بينما اخبارك يريدون
لا تأمن لأشباه الأصدقاء
فهم أبعد ما يكون للأحباء
تجاهلهم وامض للأمام
فالتوقف عندهم مضيعة للأيام

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wise Sayings 2

Whenever I find one
And that looks fun
I discover it's a lie
With one question "why?"
Life is not a dream
As it may seem
Nothing looks real
When you don't feel
Any kindness or care
or happiness anywhere
People u think are near
tend to be the ones to fear
It's time to live on earth
and stop imagining what doesn't worth
Disappointments are ordinary
Expectations are extraordinary
Never hope beyond ur feet
Just keep seated on ur seat

Tareq S.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Wise Sayings

We live to learn
And pay to earn
Wisdom needs years
knowledge takes away fears
By age we grow older
Yet life becomes shorter
Shocks give us strength
Caring less of their length
Friends are to lean on
Not to make us cry on
Feel with me
Before it would be
Too late to make up
What you really broke up

Tareq S.