Thursday, November 15, 2012

Your Own Self

Your Own Self

Nobody feels what I have inside
It's not a matter of things I hide
With all the love I share
Nothing's being returned.. It's not fair

Hope is nothing but a word
Can't mean a thing in a cruel world
When people show no kindness
But wearing a fearful mask of wildness

No respect for humanity
Just humiliation for sanity
Things become so dear
Except you and me dear

Change can be done to maps
As well as roads, buildings, streets.. What a crab!
Caring for others no more exist
Like talking about history
Which is mostly a mystery?

Be your own protector
Never try to be a detector
Since change is subject to you
Be your own "you"

Building a wall and a fence
Definitely will provide you with defence
Take care of yourself
By always being yourself

Tareq S.

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