Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Magic Wand

We were young & innocent. We believed in fairytales & fantasy. Our imagination used to take us far beyond the sky, sometimes to Wonderland where everything is so bright & colourful.

We believed in love where every prince would meet his sleeping beauty…. Where the hero would defeat the evil. Life seemed like a child's bedtime story.

We grew up to find, there is no magic wand where fairies help poor & weak people to defeat tyrannies. Where love conquers all. We discovered that we have to struggle with stupid & ignorant people who nothing about sustaining & obeying the rules. Where the strong rules… Where there is no place for building up but destroying all virtues of life.

We try to be optimistic as much as we can. To find and spread motivation everywhere we can. But we look like a candle in the wind that has a weak light.

Tareq S.

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