Thursday, March 29, 2012

Here I come...

There are moments I want to erase from my memory
Time when I was so weak to fight
I couldn't stand up for my right
I couldn't live the victory
Here I come again
Standing alone in the rain
Trying to choose a new way
With so much care in every step I make
Not to make me lose a day
To keep up the faith and gain
All possibilities life can give
Without much pain
It's a new life I'm livin'
Changing all the chances I'm given
Making use of them
Not to lose any of them
Here I come again
Holding the experience I gain
Caring less for envious one
Who burn themselves in & out
Meaning less to me
Since I always try to be
Nothing but me
Shining with success
In everything I do
I prove that me not you
Who will remain to be
We'll wait & see
'cause here I come
And there you go

Tareq S.

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