Friday, December 2, 2011

A question سؤال

What did u acieve in 2011?                                                                               ماذا حققت في2011؟
What didn't u achieve?                                                                                            ماذا لم تحقق؟
Was it a good year 4 u?                                                                                       هل كانت سنه جيده؟
What do want to achieve in 2012?                                                              ماذا تريد ان تحقق في 2011؟


  1. I`ll answer selectively! :P

    I wanted to start my book but I didn`t!

    I want to get an admission in a reputable Business school in 2012

    wt bwt u! :)

  2. Hope all ur wishes come true...