Tuesday, August 30, 2011

قرفااااان Garfan

قرفان يا ناس و مش عارف أنام
حياة مملة و كل يوم نفس الموال
شو أعمل و فين أروح
بدي أغير هدا الروتين
Yo Yo
نفس الناس نفس الوجوه
كله مكشر
كله زهقان
و بعدين ب هل حياااااة
Yo Yo
نايم أو صاحي
هدا هو حالي
كله واحد
الله واحد
خلينا نايمين أحسن
 Yo Yo

Tareq S.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Eid is a joy
for every girl and boy
It's a chance to see
all relatives and friends
including ME :)

It keeps us in touch
with so much love
and care
to give & share
with the poor & the needy

Eid is God's bless
for people to express
their gratitude
Thank God
Eid is There

Kol 3am wa antom b 5eir
Tareq S.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Love Song

A Love Song

Take one step closer into my heart
Promise … Never to run or part
Take a deep look into my eyes
Can't you see what I hide inside?
You really need to believe in me
Believe in me … Believe in me
Find your lost soul by giving it all
Let's share it all
You & I
One whole heart
Believe in love … Just believe in love
Never run or part
Let's stick together and be one
Be one
Let's believe in each other
Not to give people chance to bother
You & I are one
It's how we won
When we believe in each other
Because we are one

Tareq S.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's Over

Only bad ones win
No matter what kind is their sin
They only live as happy
As they long to be
Caring only about money
No good feelings towards any
They put their own rules
Winning all the time
And never lose
They are the boss of the game
You don't have the right even to blame
They'll continue to lead the way
Keep every word you want to say
No way to be heard
You are just a bird
Inside a cage trying to fly
Save all the tears you cry
Your wings will grow stronger
By then you can fly longer
Up to the sky
Where your voice is louder
And justice will be spread
All over
Because it's over

Tareq S.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Everything Changes

Everything Changes

Everything changes even your smile
Days are no more the same
I used to cross miles & miles
Just to see your smile
What happened now?

Nothing is the same as it used to be
I am no more who I used to be
Life changes everything even love

Yesterday's gone with all its pleasure
And no more pleasure
Life is no more the same
Every one lost even his name
What really happened?

I wish I could know
The answers to what I don't know
Yet one thing is known
That all people own
Today is yours
Try not to lose
The dreams you bear
That makes life so fair
Don't make them change
Don't ever make them change

Tareq S