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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Vacation in Turkey 2- منتصف شعبان

While I was in Turkey, I spent a week in a summer place called,"Cinargik." This place is an hour's time away from Istanbul by speed ship which they call sea bus. It's a very beautiful place full of life day and night, during the day people spend their time on the beach and @ night they enjoy walking, eating ice-cream and sitting at coffe shops listening to music and having "narglie" or hubble-bubble which became so popular in Turkey the past few years.

What surprised me most when I woke up one day and found all bakeries having a special kind of sweet. I asked them what is it? They said they do it every year specially for the occasion of منتصف شعبان
Montasaf Sha'ban... I was really surprised to find this in a summer place... How come people say that Turkish people are away from religion.. It's not true...

At night, there was no music to be heard at all in all places... They said we stop everything on this occasion..
Let us learn a little from them..

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