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Friday, July 1, 2011

Empty Place

Never thought of the way you broke my heart
Leaving me alone with tears in my eyes
With so much pain in a lonely rainy night

What a ruthless heart you have!
Leaving all our memories behind
Just going away and tearing me apart
Oooh… What an aching state of heart!

I'll cherish every minute we had
Never forget the love we had
Living with memories day and night
To keep me strong and able to fight
The loneliness I have inside

Go and leave me… I don't care
If you think that's really fair
A day will come and you'll be back
By then you won't find me there
An empty place is waiting for you
To sit and regret
Where nothing is left… for you…
Just an empty place…

Tareq S.


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  2. Of course I will.. Thx 4 passing by :)

  3. But it exists.. We need to be lonely sometimes to have a deeper look into our life to restart again.