Friday, July 29, 2011

رمضان كريم

رمضان كريم

ها قد هلا رمضان
أجمل شهور الرحمن
حامل كل الخير للانسان
أقبل بالطاعة وقراءة الفرقان
قبل ما تصبح يا بني آدم ندمان
رمضان.. شهر المودة والغفران
فيه الطاعة تنسي الحرمان
غني و فقير سيان
ما أجملك يا رمضان!
ندعو ويستجيب الرحمن
كي نعتق من النيران
رمضان.. يا شهر المودة والغفران
أهلا بك لتنسينا مرارة هذا الزمان

طارق السمهوري

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Book

A Book

I am like a book
Containing all the lessons I took
If you can't read each line
Then you can't be mine
I don't have to express
You need to impress…. Me
If you want me to see
But it'll take time before you understand
Each chapter in the book
And take a deeper look
Into all the titles
Or even subtitles
Of the endless stories
Enjoy reading it
From beginning to end
(End of pt 1)

Tareq S.

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Vacation in Turkey 2- منتصف شعبان

While I was in Turkey, I spent a week in a summer place called,"Cinargik." This place is an hour's time away from Istanbul by speed ship which they call sea bus. It's a very beautiful place full of life day and night, during the day people spend their time on the beach and @ night they enjoy walking, eating ice-cream and sitting at coffe shops listening to music and having "narglie" or hubble-bubble which became so popular in Turkey the past few years.

What surprised me most when I woke up one day and found all bakeries having a special kind of sweet. I asked them what is it? They said they do it every year specially for the occasion of منتصف شعبان
Montasaf Sha'ban... I was really surprised to find this in a summer place... How come people say that Turkish people are away from religion.. It's not true...

At night, there was no music to be heard at all in all places... They said we stop everything on this occasion..
Let us learn a little from them..

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Rap 2

Free as a bird in the sky
Sing and dance
Keep your spirit high
Live your day
Smile and say hey… hey
Yo… Yo
It's summer night
With glittering light
People are everywhere
Moving here and going there
Yo… Yo
Be yourself and never care
To what people say
Do what you like
Day and night
It’s your life
Enjoy it and say
Yo… Yo
It's your life
Tareq S.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A Paradox


Love is a paradox
Keep it safe in a box
When you keep it in
You won't give in
It's hot
Then it's cold
Wrap it and fold
Deep into your heart upload
Your emotions and notions
Though they are not the same
Once wild then tame
Strong and weak
Hide and seek
A love game that's known
For lovers and friends
But it never ends
It gives joy and pain
And drives you insane
Still we enjoy it
Since it makes life meaningful
Losing it definitely is so painful
Keep it in your heart
Save every bit and part
Love is a paradox
That's why I keep it in a box

Tareq S.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Vacation in Turkey

Every time I travel to Turkey I fall more & more in love with this charming country.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011



شعوري بيك عادي
ما وصل احساسي لدرجة اعجاب حتى
نظراتك لي عادي
ما تعني لي شي حتى
عادي.. كل شي فيك عادي
انت انسان عادي
ما توهم نفسك ع الفاضي
كلامك كله عادي
ما وصلت لدرجة اعجاب حتى
مغرور لو تفكر انك
صرت بقلبي وانك
ماخد حيز ف حياتي
ما انت الا شخص عادي
غير طريقك عني
غيب واختفي من دربي
شعوري ماتغير يا عمري
لأنك انت.. انسان عادي

Tareq S.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Contrast 2


Life is all about contrast
Nothing can ever last
You might live in the dark
Still looking for the light
Searching for the day
Into your lonely night
Through love and need
Satisfaction what will lead
To the richness of the soul
Erasing the emptiness of your heart
Awakening your senses and mind
Leaving memories to rewind
Into the silence of the night
A glimpse of shining light
Breaking the line of contrast
But it's still white and black
And the issue will always be back
Life is all about contrast
But nothing can ever last

Tareq S.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


يللا Rap

Baby.. حبي وقلب
كلمات بتنقال
شباب وبنات
على ال chat
فاكرين هيك
بكونو cool
شو هل زمن هااااد
خدلك هاد
اللي واقف مستني
بايش بفكر
شو مسكين
لساته teen
فرحان بل wax
وبيشرب max
شو هل زمن هااااد
خدلك هاي
متل الزومبي
لابسه بمبي
بتعمل chat
على ل black
كله علاك
منرجع كمان لبيبي الأمور
الي دمه بغلي و بفور
سيبك منه ياه
شو هل زمن هااااد
الناس صارت mad
بعد ما كانت sad
هدا اختصار
عشان ما تملو
وبعدين تفلو
بحب اقولكم bye
مين غير ما تسألو why
يللا sign out
Tareq S.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Empty Place

Never thought of the way you broke my heart
Leaving me alone with tears in my eyes
With so much pain in a lonely rainy night

What a ruthless heart you have!
Leaving all our memories behind
Just going away and tearing me apart
Oooh… What an aching state of heart!

I'll cherish every minute we had
Never forget the love we had
Living with memories day and night
To keep me strong and able to fight
The loneliness I have inside

Go and leave me… I don't care
If you think that's really fair
A day will come and you'll be back
By then you won't find me there
An empty place is waiting for you
To sit and regret
Where nothing is left… for you…
Just an empty place…

Tareq S.