Monday, June 13, 2011

Which movie?

I bought 4 DVD's to watch:
1. Love, Eat, Pray
2. Here after
3. The pirates and the Caribbean 4
4. Just do with it.

and 2 Arabic:
1. Fasel wa nowasel
2. 365 youm s3ada

Which one should i start with?


  1. none of the above; or chose the worst first; which is 365 youm s3ada

  2. Tareq, did u mean: eat, pray, and love starring julia roberts? I saw that one but liked the novel better, muuuch better ,, I don`t rec. it!

    I also saw here after, it`s a great one, i liked it! :) klint estwood is a fine director and mat is an awesome performer..

    the rest I have no idea bwt them! :)