Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What do u think?

A friend of mine at work said a sentence that I really liked and I want to quote her, she said,
"Don't cry, tomorrow is worse!"
Do u agree with her? Why? Why not?


  1. It is not a fact that tomorrow will be worse. And even so, crying is a natural thing that help us vent out some negative emotions. So, if you feel like crying just do it!

  2. I agree with her 60%.
    40% change with hopes.

    Thank you :)

  3. crying or laughter,,,do them whenever you need to,,,why wait till tomorrow???

  4. I believe in being optimistic and having positive thoughts ...y3nee tomorrow is a better day,faaaa no crying or tears for tomorrow for sure :)

  5. اخي طارق

    مساء الخير

    حتى لو احكمت دائرتها وايقنا ان الغد لن يكون في اي حال من الاحوال احسن

    علينا ان نتذكر ان دوام الحال من المحال
    وان الغد لا يعرف ما به من مفاجآت الا رب العباد

    ولو افترضنا ان هناك قاع وقمة لكل شيء
    فما بعد القاع الا الصعود مجددا الى القمة

    دمت بخير

  6. Thx all 4 ur comments... Each one was really rigt... At the end it's a matter of how we view things about tomorrow..

    Yosef: Thank u, u r right nothing stays the same. I always say this to myself..

  7. By the way, she was saying this sentence t another collegue, not me.. But I really liked it..

  8. Devil's mind, thx 4 ur visit and comment.. Hope u'll be a frequent visitor 2 my blog..

  9. saving tears for the worse to come!! Pessimistic with a twist of reality

    putting that end in mind is dangerous if u ask me!