Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nakshet Mo5

It’s a world of scanning
Where nothing is related to planning
Objectives, evaluation and criteria
Teachers are almost having hysteria
Every week a different genre
Fiction, non-fiction or poetry
Students are confused
Which copybook to be used
Reading to writing journal copybook
Is it writing assessment copybook?
While looking and searching
Teachers never end up screaming
The day will never be ended
When photocopying needs to be sent and mended
What a year to waste
When doing things in haste
Let’s forget all about reading log
And enjoy rain and fog
Work will never finish
When X is happy to flourish
Let’s end this poem
Nakshet mo5
And remember the famous word
Goodbye now
No more lecturing
Tareq S.


  1. U lost me between the lines ...DO5O !!! :$

    I got some words thanks to my cousin's stories , she is an English teacher too :)

  2. oh poor teacher! I hear ya .. :D *fellow teacher in crime* :P

  3. Whisper & Haitham.. This poem has a story,only those who work with me knows the story of do5o (dokho).. It's all about the person X... i CAN'T SAY WHO SHE IS...

  4. do5o!! what does this mean?

  5. W7l: Do5o means pump information into students' head.. It's whae Mrs. X keeps on saying.. The whole poem is for X..