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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Dear mama
Living in dilemma
Trying to please us all
But what can you do more!

Oh mama
Poor mama
Try to live for your own
Even if it’s once in your life time

We never thought of what you did
To keep us relax
All we did was just to complain
And ask for more

Please mama
Forgive us all
It’s time to give you more and more
Every day.. Every night
Never give you a chance to sigh or cry

Mama… Be happy and never  worry…
We are all there for you…
Just for you.                                         Tareq  S.


  1. all of u r making me miss my mother even more :(

    Allah y5allelkom eyyaha ,,,

  2. :( Very touching! but a mom can never rest about her soul(her children).