Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another Day...

Today was really fun, especially seeing the lovely females about to kill each other... Our coordinator was asking about some missing books and all of a sudden, A said that some of these boos are with W.. W wasn't in the room when the topic was discussed... Later on, The coordinator asked the question again... The 13 teachers were there this time including W... A said it's with me so she denied what she has said earlier bcoz she can't lie since W is there.. Then I said to A how come it's with u, didn't u say it's wit W.. Here she denied the whole story but the coordinator told her, Tareq is right, that's what u have said earlier... So I started... Oooh W, how do u trust and work with A.. Look what she was saying when u weren't here.. She wants to put u in trouble and so on.... Everyone was happy bcoz this is what A is doing for all...


  1. هههههه.. طيب ليش تحكي هيك وتشعللها! خليك محضر خير يا زلمة :)
    كلام واقعي وبصير كل يوم إسألني أنا..

  2. بس كأنك ما ولعت الموضوع الا شوي!

  3. action in your day ...
    call me next time :D

    Thanks :D