Friday, March 11, 2011

6 Months

Dear bloggers,
Good evening... How r u all? It's been almost a week I didn't write anything.. But I was waiting for today..
I've been writing on my blog for 6 months.. 97 posts and 15 followers...
I really feel happy to know u all.. I do appreciate all the comments for the past 6 months..


  1. Hi Tareq...
    That why we didn't read posts from you :D
    6 months!!! it looks like yesterday..
    I still remember that day when your brother present you in his blog...

    Keep going Tareq :D...I know one thing , you made a difference on me...

    6 months!!! you're big liar :D .... kidding ^_^

  2. wish you many many months and years here :)

  3. happy anniversary :)
    we're glad to know you too...
    keep on the good job...

  4. Happy 6 months bloggversary Tareq :D

    Thanks for sharing ur words with us :)

  5. Happpppppy bloggversary Tareq :)

    97 posts <=== I`m so jealous and I cannot hide it :D

    Thank YOU for the blog.

  6. I really don't know what to say... Thank u all for ur encouragement and for being there :)
    Wish u all a good start for a perfect week..

  7. great job bro :)

    keep it up ...

    I am so glad and proud that I have a great brother like you :)

  8. Thx Ashraf 4 encouraging me.. Till now I feel that I can't deal with my blog page like dealinf with facebook.. Ur words make me go on..

  9. الى الامام و الى مزيد من التقدم و المشاركات!