Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Question

Which is better to live a routine life or a different life every day that might be full of good and bad moments?
Which is better to be bored of what you are doing every day or trying something different?
What do u think?


  1. I gess you need a little bit from this and that..sometime you need to relax and have an ordinary day.. but sometime you get boared and start wishing for something new to happen..

  2. well as kialah said , you need both of that, i like to consider routine life is helpful in some situations, for example when i was at college ; daily routine helps you to organize your time and your studying as well, but now in real life routine work is sucks! you need some changes!

  3. For me I prefer to live each day by it self and to have new expectations for each day....some thing to keep optimism in my life :)

  4. If I need to make a decision, I`d -really- go for a different life/daily!

  5. routine is good for daily activities,change is good for two or three weeks a year,during vacations.
    either than that daily change will cause ciaos .

  6. For me I'm dieing to change my routine..
    I wanna live different life daily till i feel bored.
    Also, try something different every day. I wish work every week in different job for one year,
    and then try to write all the experience witch I got it :D

    Thank you :)

  7. Thx all 4 the coments but u made me more confused!!!