Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 3

Today was the first day of the second term, to be honest I didn't feel like going to work again, especially in this cold weather, to wake up so early and to start the circle again that ends every Thursday when it's the weekend. Sometimes when u give too much, u lose the energy especially when u r not motivated enough..

Anyway, let's start with  "Day 3", a new teacher joined us today, she's a fresh graduate, so BEAUTIFUL& ATTRACTIVE but she's not my type (lol) all the other teachers in the department started to look at her and examine her so thoroughly with a devilish feminine look... They pretended to be so nice and helpful, every one was asking her if she needs help... BUT she was leaving them and asking me, maybe bcoz I am the only MALE in the room? Who knows..

I'm sure the upcoming days will carry out some INTERESTING & EXCITING stories, so let's wait and see..


  1. Good luck teacher. I'm sure you'll make a difference in this term as always you do :)

    First impression for her :D.. Only woman knows the woman.. Maybe she knew they didn't mean it through their faces that why she came to you :D

    Tareq are you married?

  2. You recommended watching ( children of heaven ) here
    I just finished watching it ... I didn't waste my time, it deserve watching :)

    Thank you :)

  3. motivation needs a break sometimes, break as in a crash not a time off :)
    do something new at work, even if it`s in a tiny 1 aspect and stick to it 4 a while

    as 4 the newcomer ====> things r getting INTERESTING *rubbing hands ana* :Pp

  4. Haitham: Lol...
    I will do a Talent Show foe them this term.. But still I don't feel like working... I don't know y?

    I am visible: glad that u liked the movie..
    No, I'm not married yet.. I think u r right women understand each other..