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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You & I

You & I
Sometimes  I  go  back  to  what  we’ve  been through
We  were  so  honest & true
Why  did  we  change  now
And  became  so  apart

You  &  I  were so  close
Why  did  we  start  to  lose
That big  love  we  once  had
Which  made  every one  so  mad

It  was not  me  who  started  the  fight
I  tried  & tried to  hold  you  tight
& give  you  reasons  that  might
Keep  our  love  so  bright

It’s your  turn  now  to  look  for  me
Trying  so  hard  to  see
Things  that  would  bring  us  back  again
And  never  to  be  so  insane
I’m  giving  you  my  hand  to
Come  &  land
And  continue  our  ride
                                   TAREQ  S.


  1. what's up with you and Ashraf ! both of you are fighting for love tonight....
    (( It was not me who started the fight
    I tried & tried to hold you tight
    & give you reasons that might
    Keep our love so bright))

    she's totally insane if she didn't come back after these beautiful words!

  2. It's generous of him to give her hand again ...I love 2nd chances ,usually it worth to give :)

  3. 2nd chance wama adraka mal 2nd chance :)

    *I like the blueY BG :)

  4. Kahlil Gibran said:
    Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.

  5. الكيل بمكيالين
    It's just coincidence :)
    Thx 4 ur nice words..
    She didn't come back... That's one of my failed love stories..

  6. w7l: thx :)

    whisper: that's true but doesn't always work!

    Haitham: thank u.. Blue is one of my favourite colours..

  7. A Believer: Thx 4 ur comment and 4 ur visit to my blog..