Monday, January 10, 2011

She made it ! pt III

She's living a state of chaos, disorder and confusion... She doesn't know what she's doing... That's really definite since she's not an administrator, someone who doesn't know anything in management. But how can she refuse such a position! No one can!!

Here I should say not all managers are good managers... Being a manager, you should know how to deal and treat people, especially your staff. But since we are living in a word labelled by selfishness, no one cares..
Every one now sees her clearly without that "make-up" she used to hide behind her reality.

I REALLY don't care because I proved to myself and others that I was right in my decision,especially after my visit to that place today where I knew that her "end" is so soon.... I really WON!!


  1. لما قرأت أول "حلقتين" حكيت بدي أستنى شوي قبل ما أعلق

    حسيت إنها مغرورة ، بتفكر حالها غير عن الكل و إنها محصنة ضد الأخطاء ، غنها ما حتقع بالأخطاء اللي كثيرين بيقعوا فيها.

    كان في على عينيها غشاوة ، غشاوة مزيفة أعطتها شعور زائف بالثقة، و التي أدت إلى غرور مطبق!

    هي في مسار تصادمي مع ... نفسها و قراءة "حلقة" اليوم عم بتأكدلي هالإشي :)

  2. Soooo it was her after all !!!

    Good for u :)

  3. You are right, Haitham.. She thinks herself "the super woman" just being of a different nationality!

    Whisper: she is..