Tuesday, January 4, 2011

She made it! Pt II

Having the power and authority do not mean changing your whole personality... But to her, it was revealing her true colours.. I believe being a foreigner made her feel all the past time that she has the previlege, or having an extra feature that others do not... It's not easy going deep into the inner side of any person..

To me, I think she's just a jealous , selfish and sick person who doesn't accept or see any one successful except herself.. I used to pity such people but I really stopped..

If she thinks  for a while to rememberwhat had happened to others , She would know where she is going to be! Unfortunately vanity covers her all over...

To be continued.....


  1. I have the feeling that u r talking about that coordinator u told us about before :S

    Waiting the rest of the story :)