Monday, January 17, 2011

Just Wondering!!

In English, it is said,"Once bitten, twice shy." but it seems I'll never learn! Maybe I'm too kind when it comes to someone so dear to my heart, so I can't say NOOOOOO!! But when it becomes a habit and that person treats you as if you are REALLY stupid, it hurts.

People can't differentiate between "giving" because you really want to give and "taking" as if they have the full right for that. This friend of mine is from this type. You might ask why I'm still talking to him till now? I really don't know;though all his stories never made any sense to me..

Why I'm writing this now? The answer is so easy, he appeared after a long absence and asking for help again, playing the role of the innocent person whom every one is against him, having no luck at work, he feels so depressed and frustrated that he can't see his son so often because his ex-wife doesn't want to see his face.. and and and..

I decided to stop being kind,not only with him ,but with all those people who know me only in need , and to ignooooooore!
This post explains why I wrote "Robot" Yes, I'm not going to be a robot any more..


  1. Gr8 for you , not just good :)
    Fool me once ,,, fool my "twice" ,,, u know the saying :)

    After giving so many chances I do blv setting the line is the way to do it.


    hello no-robot guy :)

  2. Good for u ....hope one day I can do the same :S

  3. Haitham: I really liked ur comment.. It made me say "Never again" Yes, enough is enough.. But I hope he'll understand that..

    Whisper: U r right, it's so difficult to do it.. It took me quite sometime to do it... Try..