Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I  Still Love YOU
She stood  there
Without  saying  goodbye
With  tears  in  her  eyes
Trying  to  call  my  name
Without  saying  a single  word
All  she  could  do  was  crying  again

Still  standing  there
Waiting  for  me
To  come  and  say
I  still  love  you
I  still  love  you

The  distance  seems  so  far
Though  it’s  so  near
But  how  can  I  go
This  way  again?
I  can’ t walk  this  way  again
I  still  love  you
But  I  can’ t say  this  word  again !

           Tareq   S.


  1. Oh for God's sake say it !
    you know she wants you... so do you...

  2. This time u said no for 2nd chances :S
    Sometimes the pain of separation is less so u chose it

  3. Sometimes it's so hard to decide which is better!
    But I always believe what is meant to be will be!