Sunday, January 23, 2011

Film Review

I watched yesterday a very beautiful Irani  movie, called"Children of Heaven". The movie is so simply directed but it has so many touchy concepts; like love, sharing, determination, trying and caring.

It talks about a very poor family that consists of a married couple and their three children, the boy's name is Ali and the girl's name is Zahra, Ali is in 3rd grade but Zahra is in grade 1. The film starts with Ali going to fix his sister's torn shoes. While he ws buying the grocery, he put the pair of shoes between the boxes, a sweeper comes to collect the garbage, and he takes the plastic bag, Ali went crazy, how can he tell his father? He's too poor to buy a new one for his sister. So he decides with his sister to share his shoes. HOW? Zahra goes first to school and when she finishes she comes and he wears the shoes and goes. They continue doing this till...

I won't continue.. Plz watch it and tell me what do u think?