Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 2

Day 2- So Mean!

I will use the initiative letters for the names in this story. A1, A2 & W.
A1, A2 &W share the same grade but each has a different section to teach. They are new teachers at school, too which gave them another good reason for their friendship in addition to teaching the same grade.
At the beginning of year, they used to share things together; A1 might do all the work and give it to A2 or W. The same goes for W but definitely not for A2; she only takes things ready made for her!
We were observing them all the time and I really knew that A2 is such a selfish person. But they were defending her actions all the time; until some events started to happen recently to uncover her real personality. I won’t say them all but I will tell one of them which shows how MEAN she is! She can never be a real friend for any one.
We have a special place in the school for smokers and really it’s a very ugly place which tells you quit smoking if you are coming to smoke here J Anyway, W & A2 went down like usual to smoke, W’s mobile rang, she wanted to pick it up from her bag without paying attention to the open hole in the ground which was full of dirty water and stuff AND…. Her leg fell in the ground and started shouting. A2 came up running to spread the news everywhere in stead of helping her FRIEND!
“Girls really feel jealous from each other, no matter how strong their friendship is!”