Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 1

Sorry, I have to apologise twice: first for writing in English but I'm doing this bcoz I'm faster in English typing.
Second apology goes to all LADIES.. but thats how things really go!

Day 1:
A very long discussion was going on in the room for so many days, the reason is "an outing", the lovely girls in my department want to go out somewhere for brunch... Every one of them was suggesting a place and the other girls were saying no.. Why no? You can never tell, is it just bcoz she wants to decide or she wants to tease her frend or simply she doesn't want her to join...
At last the day came and that was today, one of them reserved in advance but she realised at the last moment that some of them will not join, giving silly excuses.. and the one who was dying to go she suddenly decided that she wants them to change the place bcoz they will sit outside and she will feel cold! Oh my GOD!!!
Do I have to add more?!


  1. lol yes we usually do all of that , guilty as charged :)

    but not the same scenario every time, when there is a new member out of our group wants to hangout with us this is exactly what happen :) and some times the whole plan canceled, because of that I skip it after knowing who is going

    Sheeshany.....why r u sooooo HAPPY about this series !!! O_o

  2. Wait till u read "Day 2" which will be entitled : So mean!