Saturday, January 22, 2011

Being tagged for the third time!

I was tagged by my friend Haitham:
Q1: When u started blogging did u prefer doing it  anonymously:
No, I never did this and I hate doing it, I'm so happy to share things with others and to show my real identity.

Q2:Describe an incident that shows how stubborn u are?
Oohhhhh, so many.. One of them is when I couldn't stay in KSA more than 4 months, I came back without even thinking; though my salary there was excellent.

Q3:What do u see when u look at urself in the mirror?
I still c a child who has so many hopes an ambitions 4 tomoro

Q4: What is ur favourite summer cold drink?

Q5: What do u do in ur free time:
Going to the gym or listening to music.

Q6: Is there anything u want to accomplish?
Mannnnnnyyyyy things!

Q7: When u attended school, what were u?
A very high achiever..

Q8: If u close eyes and want to visualize a moment in your life, what will that be?
Seeing some dear ppl who left long time ago... Passed away

Q9: Is it easy for u to share ur true self?

Q10: If u had the choice to read or talk on the phone, what would u choose?


  1. thanks Tareq , your answers r neat.
    We got more than thing in common in this tag :)

  2. U r welcome :)
    Yes, it seems so ...