Sunday, January 30, 2011


I really feel so sad towards what's happening in Egypt because in such cases there's only one VICTIM; the citizens of course.. I never understood politics and I don't intend to but I can't understand one thing; why now EGYPTIAN PEOPLE?

You've been living in such bad conditions for years... What's new?  Were you couraged by the Tunisians? I can't find one single reason for destroying your own country... stealing each others... destroying things.. Why???? Is that the way to express self and opinion??

Let's wait and see!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 2

Day 2- So Mean!

I will use the initiative letters for the names in this story. A1, A2 & W.
A1, A2 &W share the same grade but each has a different section to teach. They are new teachers at school, too which gave them another good reason for their friendship in addition to teaching the same grade.
At the beginning of year, they used to share things together; A1 might do all the work and give it to A2 or W. The same goes for W but definitely not for A2; she only takes things ready made for her!
We were observing them all the time and I really knew that A2 is such a selfish person. But they were defending her actions all the time; until some events started to happen recently to uncover her real personality. I won’t say them all but I will tell one of them which shows how MEAN she is! She can never be a real friend for any one.
We have a special place in the school for smokers and really it’s a very ugly place which tells you quit smoking if you are coming to smoke here J Anyway, W & A2 went down like usual to smoke, W’s mobile rang, she wanted to pick it up from her bag without paying attention to the open hole in the ground which was full of dirty water and stuff AND…. Her leg fell in the ground and started shouting. A2 came up running to spread the news everywhere in stead of helping her FRIEND!
“Girls really feel jealous from each other, no matter how strong their friendship is!”

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Film Review

I watched yesterday a very beautiful Irani  movie, called"Children of Heaven". The movie is so simply directed but it has so many touchy concepts; like love, sharing, determination, trying and caring.

It talks about a very poor family that consists of a married couple and their three children, the boy's name is Ali and the girl's name is Zahra, Ali is in 3rd grade but Zahra is in grade 1. The film starts with Ali going to fix his sister's torn shoes. While he ws buying the grocery, he put the pair of shoes between the boxes, a sweeper comes to collect the garbage, and he takes the plastic bag, Ali went crazy, how can he tell his father? He's too poor to buy a new one for his sister. So he decides with his sister to share his shoes. HOW? Zahra goes first to school and when she finishes she comes and he wears the shoes and goes. They continue doing this till...

I won't continue.. Plz watch it and tell me what do u think?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Being tagged for the third time!

I was tagged by my friend Haitham:
Q1: When u started blogging did u prefer doing it  anonymously:
No, I never did this and I hate doing it, I'm so happy to share things with others and to show my real identity.

Q2:Describe an incident that shows how stubborn u are?
Oohhhhh, so many.. One of them is when I couldn't stay in KSA more than 4 months, I came back without even thinking; though my salary there was excellent.

Q3:What do u see when u look at urself in the mirror?
I still c a child who has so many hopes an ambitions 4 tomoro

Q4: What is ur favourite summer cold drink?

Q5: What do u do in ur free time:
Going to the gym or listening to music.

Q6: Is there anything u want to accomplish?
Mannnnnnyyyyy things!

Q7: When u attended school, what were u?
A very high achiever..

Q8: If u close eyes and want to visualize a moment in your life, what will that be?
Seeing some dear ppl who left long time ago... Passed away

Q9: Is it easy for u to share ur true self?

Q10: If u had the choice to read or talk on the phone, what would u choose?

Day 1

Sorry, I have to apologise twice: first for writing in English but I'm doing this bcoz I'm faster in English typing.
Second apology goes to all LADIES.. but thats how things really go!

Day 1:
A very long discussion was going on in the room for so many days, the reason is "an outing", the lovely girls in my department want to go out somewhere for brunch... Every one of them was suggesting a place and the other girls were saying no.. Why no? You can never tell, is it just bcoz she wants to decide or she wants to tease her frend or simply she doesn't want her to join...
At last the day came and that was today, one of them reserved in advance but she realised at the last moment that some of them will not join, giving silly excuses.. and the one who was dying to go she suddenly decided that she wants them to change the place bcoz they will sit outside and she will feel cold! Oh my GOD!!!
Do I have to add more?!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ثرثرة نساء

عملي لسنوات طويلة مع النساء جعلني أشاهد حواء بدون قناع أو تجميل
لقد شاهدتها في كل حالاتها لن أتكلم سوى عن حاله أو صفة واحده حيث لايجاريها أحد
الثرثره و الحوار اليومي المصتنع
مثلا تشاهد زميلتها فتقول لها شو طولان شعرك أو شو نحفانه او او
سأكون معكم في يوميات نسائيه قريبا

Monday, January 17, 2011

Just Wondering!!

In English, it is said,"Once bitten, twice shy." but it seems I'll never learn! Maybe I'm too kind when it comes to someone so dear to my heart, so I can't say NOOOOOO!! But when it becomes a habit and that person treats you as if you are REALLY stupid, it hurts.

People can't differentiate between "giving" because you really want to give and "taking" as if they have the full right for that. This friend of mine is from this type. You might ask why I'm still talking to him till now? I really don't know;though all his stories never made any sense to me..

Why I'm writing this now? The answer is so easy, he appeared after a long absence and asking for help again, playing the role of the innocent person whom every one is against him, having no luck at work, he feels so depressed and frustrated that he can't see his son so often because his ex-wife doesn't want to see his face.. and and and..

I decided to stop being kind,not only with him ,but with all those people who know me only in need , and to ignooooooore!
This post explains why I wrote "Robot" Yes, I'm not going to be a robot any more..

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Robot

A Robot

Just being remembered
When in need
When… where… and how?
It doesn’t really matter!
Since it’s a button to press
No more… no less…

You should be ready
To listen and obey all the orders
How do you feel? No one is concerned!
What do you want? No one is interested to know!
You are nothing but a robot.
Not even allowed to say,” No.”

As if you don’t have the right
To stand for and fight
Remove them from your sight
And get ready to switch off the light
No green or red lights to press any more
Stay and keep yourself alert
Stop being a robot for all

Tareq S.

Monday, January 10, 2011

She made it ! pt III

She's living a state of chaos, disorder and confusion... She doesn't know what she's doing... That's really definite since she's not an administrator, someone who doesn't know anything in management. But how can she refuse such a position! No one can!!

Here I should say not all managers are good managers... Being a manager, you should know how to deal and treat people, especially your staff. But since we are living in a word labelled by selfishness, no one cares..
Every one now sees her clearly without that "make-up" she used to hide behind her reality.

I REALLY don't care because I proved to myself and others that I was right in my decision,especially after my visit to that place today where I knew that her "end" is so soon.... I really WON!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Each Time

Each Time
Each  time  I  get  close  I  find  myself  so  far
Each  time  I  dream  I  feel  it  so  unreal
Each time  I  run away  the  road  seems  so  long
&  I  can’t stop  till  I  find  you

You’re  my  love  who  cares  for  me
You  make  my  life  so  bright  &  clear
I  love  you  more  &  more  each  time
You  get  closer  to  me
All  my  dreams  come  true  each  time
You  kiss  me  so  tenderly

Stay  with  me  forever
Promise  me  you’ll   never
Leave  me  4ever

Take  me  with  you
Everywhere  you  go
Let’s  start  our  love           
And  keep  it  so  strong
4ever  &  ever                              Tareq  S.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I  Still Love YOU
She stood  there
Without  saying  goodbye
With  tears  in  her  eyes
Trying  to  call  my  name
Without  saying  a single  word
All  she  could  do  was  crying  again

Still  standing  there
Waiting  for  me
To  come  and  say
I  still  love  you
I  still  love  you

The  distance  seems  so  far
Though  it’s  so  near
But  how  can  I  go
This  way  again?
I  can’ t walk  this  way  again
I  still  love  you
But  I  can’ t say  this  word  again !

           Tareq   S.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

You & I

You & I
Sometimes  I  go  back  to  what  we’ve  been through
We  were  so  honest & true
Why  did  we  change  now
And  became  so  apart

You  &  I  were so  close
Why  did  we  start  to  lose
That big  love  we  once  had
Which  made  every one  so  mad

It  was not  me  who  started  the  fight
I  tried  & tried to  hold  you  tight
& give  you  reasons  that  might
Keep  our  love  so  bright

It’s your  turn  now  to  look  for  me
Trying  so  hard  to  see
Things  that  would  bring  us  back  again
And  never  to  be  so  insane
I’m  giving  you  my  hand  to
Come  &  land
And  continue  our  ride
                                   TAREQ  S.

She made it! Pt II

Having the power and authority do not mean changing your whole personality... But to her, it was revealing her true colours.. I believe being a foreigner made her feel all the past time that she has the previlege, or having an extra feature that others do not... It's not easy going deep into the inner side of any person..

To me, I think she's just a jealous , selfish and sick person who doesn't accept or see any one successful except herself.. I used to pity such people but I really stopped..

If she thinks  for a while to rememberwhat had happened to others , She would know where she is going to be! Unfortunately vanity covers her all over...

To be continued.....