Thursday, December 30, 2010

She made it!!

She hid that persistant desire inside her for so many years. She was really clever of being so secretive about it... Nobody thought that it was her dream to make it real... The moment came and she unmasked her face without fearing to lose all her friends and collegues.. She was obssessed of one thing.

To her, it was like being in a battle where you have to use all your weapons , even the illegal ones in order to be or not to be.. What a shame!
But does she really feel it, see it, know it? The only voice she could her was hers, and the only image she could identify was her own.. Poor she!

Days went by and she became a real tyrant, paying no attention to others' feelings, all what she was doing was causing them harm..

To be continued..


  1. Hi Tareq...
    Happy new year..
    wish you all the best and successful to acheive what you want :)...

    Waiting for next part....

  2. Thx.. HappY 2011.. Hope it'll be a good one 4 all..