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Monday, December 13, 2010


Lie  lie    it’s  a  lie
Why  do  all people  lie ?
Sometimes  it’ s  a way  to  escape
Or  get  away  from  all  the  things
You  can not  say..

Lie  lie  it’ s  a lie
Why  do  all people  lie ?
Is  it  right  or  do  we  have
To  utter  what  we  feel  inside
People  might  get  sad  or  mad
But  it’s  only  a world  of  lies

If  you  pretend  to  tell  the  truth
No one  believes  you.. they  will  say
It’ s  just  a  lie..
So  lie lie  it’ s  a lie
All  people  I  think  lie

              Tareq  s.


  1. From the time we are children, if someone asks us who broke the pretty lamp, we usually give the typical "it wasn't meeee" answer.
    To understand why its so easy for us to lie you must know why we lie initially.Some people lie to hide or cover up something, others to get ahead, and some because it has become a habit.
    While we may judge people because they lie, it is pertinent that we remember how easy it is to fall into that trap. May God keep us from falling into the habit ever.
    Great post, and a good reminder :)

  2. It`s always a mechanism to escape,, in one way/form or another! Sometimes escaping from ourselves and our realities even!

  3. Thx Struggling Muslimah for ur comment.. It really added a lot to the post.. Thx again..

    Haitham,u r right but they say "honesty is the best policy" I hope one day we will be honest in everything.. Thx 4 ur comment.