Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Last scene

Scene 4:
Della 4 (is looking at herself on the mirror and talking to herself): Will he see me as beautiful as I was? Will he continue to love me as before? Oh, what can I do now? It’s time for Jim to be home.
Della puts the gift on the table. A knock on the door, Jim comes in.
Della 4: Merry Christmas, Jim.
Jim: (shouts loudly): Della, what happened to your hair?
Della 4: Jim, do you love me only for my hair? (She starts to cry.)
Jim: Della, don’t cry. I love you that’s why I brought for you the set of combs which you really wanted.
Della 4: (cries again.)
Jim: Della, let me see your gift and forget about mine now.
Della wipes her tears happily and says: Give me your watch, I brought for it a platinum chain instead of the worn one you have.
Jim laughs ironically and says: Della, let’s put the gifts aside and remember the Magi, they were wise men who invented the art of

giving Christmas presents. Being wise, their gifts were no doubt wise ones. We both sacrificed for each other to bring these wise gifts. Let’s enjoy being together. Merry Christmas.

* * * *
In the back ground the song, “My heart is yours,” is played.
Suddenly narrator 5 appears on stage… Della & Jim freeze on stage… He starts talking to the audience: Isn’t that what Christmas is all about, love and sacrifice! Oh, I can see some people coming towards us. Who are these people?
The 3 Magi come up on stage holding 3 boxes.
They talk to narrator 5: We are the three Magi, we invented Christmas gifts.
Magi 1: (holds a wand) he brings Jim back to life.
              Merry Christmas, Jim. Look at your lovely wife, did 
              anything change in her? She’s still a loving and a caring
              wife as she used to be. We have 3 boxes with us, you’ll
              choose one & Della will choose one, too.
Magi 2: goes to Della… Della, We are the Magi.. We brought
               presents for you. You have to choose one now.
Della & Jim are confused… What boxes are you talking about? What gifts?
We’ve already had ours?

Magi 3: It’s a wish you can have for Christmas… You can ask for anything… Your wish is my command. Can you see the boxes we have?
Della to Jim: Oh, Jim if I could get my hair back and you could get your watch back, wouldn’t that be great?
Jim: No Della… Love is the greatest gift of all.

Jim hurries towards Magi 2 and takes the box… I want this gift…
The 3 Magi are so happy with his choice. They opened Box 1 & 3.
Della’s hair was in one box and in the other box, Jim’s watch.
Della & Jim open together
Box 3
and find inside it the word love and a big red heart. It’s how they’ll continue their life together.
Background music, “It’s Only Christmas.”
Narrators and characters start coming on stage…

The End


  1. Thanks for the lovely happy end :)

    Allah y3teek el3afyeh

    Do not forget to share with us some photos and videos ....

  2. lovely ending.

    i liked it , and as whisper said , dont forget to upload some videos !

  3. الله يعطيك العافيه
    واتمنى لك ان ينجح العرض نجاح كما تتمناه
    وسلامي لديلا وجيم وكل المشاركين

  4. whisper, w7l & naysan... Thank u for ur support
    I hope it'll be successful. Of course I will share with u the photos & the video as well :)

  5. Like it or not...u'v been tagged :)

  6. :)

    awaiting pics & V. :) --- maaashy :)

    jad liked the ending