Thursday, December 9, 2010

Being tagged

Let me remember 7 random or weird things:

1. I used to ask every lady I see if she was wearing a wig lol. That was when I was 5 or 6 years old.
2. I wasn't very sociable at school, though my classmates were dying to be their best friends.
3. I used to sit for hours by myself listening to music.
4. I liked making tricks on ppl.
5. I used to sleep a lot at granny's house and really I do miss her a lot, Allah yer7amha.
6. I used to cut my hair (my fringe) and my mother used to go crazy bcoz I looked funny.
7. I used to wear my mother's high heels shoes a lot and once I fell and I hv a scar till now on my forehead.

ppl to be tagged:
um omar


  1. wearing ur mom's high heels!!!!

    i used to cut my hair also which wasn't cute at all

  2. I think we all cut our hair at least once at some period of our life :)

    For sure they wanted u to be their best friend ....usually the one who wrote poems like that :P

    Full mark :D

  3. very funny hahaha :D
    i can feel what your MOM felt when you cat your hair :D

  4. o laweesh full mark! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ,, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *بيعيط و رايح يشكي للمديرة *

    ya Tareq mahu ana 7akait 3an 3'ara2ibiyyaty gabel kam youm ,, o bima enny lissa a kiddo fa there u have it :P

    *I`ll do it today, promise :)

    - I agree with whisper; we ALL cut our hair once or twice!


  5. يعني برضو في امل إنه عموره يبطل يلبس شوزاتي

    طب منيح

    أول زياره إلي هون,, وشكرن للتاغ
    بعمله هاليومين الجاين

    صباحك خير يارب..

  6. hehhh wad3ak sa3b .. o3thor moroori :P

  7. u r tagged too! :)