Sunday, December 26, 2010

Being tagged again

This tag was sent to me thru Haitham who was given to by Jafar..
1. As for work, I left my previous work and started in a new place.. I wasn't happy @ first but now I feel it's ok, after discovering that a successful person cn cope anywhere.
Personally, nothing new...
2. In general I didn't like 2010, it was one of those worse years..
3. 2011: I hope my dream will come true in publishing my poetry book and changing my work again to get the chance Dr. Shdefat promised me of..
That's all I think..


  1. Inshallah all ur dreams to come true as soon as possible :)

  2. Hi Tareq

    how are you?
    I will buy your book when you published :D
    I wish you all the best :)

  3. good luck and happy new year,

    "successful person can cope anywhere."

  4. best of luck tareq.
    hope u publish yr book sooner than soon :)

    enshaAllah 2011 will be way much better :)

    thx 4 the post, it seems u r busy but still u managed to do it, thx again :)


  5. Thx 2 u all.. I realy don't know what 2 say... I'm so impressed..
    Thx Whiper :)
    I am visible: First copy will be a gift 4 u..
    naysan: thx 4 the quote..
    Haitham: thx.. I'm sick 4 more than 10 days.. in addition to that I started teaching a course at a language centre.. And the play was last Wednesday.. So all together..