Thursday, December 30, 2010

She made it!!

She hid that persistant desire inside her for so many years. She was really clever of being so secretive about it... Nobody thought that it was her dream to make it real... The moment came and she unmasked her face without fearing to lose all her friends and collegues.. She was obssessed of one thing.

To her, it was like being in a battle where you have to use all your weapons , even the illegal ones in order to be or not to be.. What a shame!
But does she really feel it, see it, know it? The only voice she could her was hers, and the only image she could identify was her own.. Poor she!

Days went by and she became a real tyrant, paying no attention to others' feelings, all what she was doing was causing them harm..

To be continued..

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Being tagged again

This tag was sent to me thru Haitham who was given to by Jafar..
1. As for work, I left my previous work and started in a new place.. I wasn't happy @ first but now I feel it's ok, after discovering that a successful person cn cope anywhere.
Personally, nothing new...
2. In general I didn't like 2010, it was one of those worse years..
3. 2011: I hope my dream will come true in publishing my poetry book and changing my work again to get the chance Dr. Shdefat promised me of..
That's all I think..

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

End of the Story

I feel grief inside
That looks as high as tide
No one is sincere
To deserve a dropping tear
It haunts me as a nightmare
This makes my life so unfair
It’s hard to be mean
Because I’ve never been
But in order to escape them
You have to be like them
You should always surprise your foe
When you come behind and say wo
Keep changing your techniques
And stop using old weapons and antiques
Only then you can win
When you put them in a bin
It’s the end of the page
They are finally in the cage
Haunted by their evil thought
That can never be fought
That’s really the end of the story
And you never need to worry

Tareq S.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010


Lie  lie    it’s  a  lie
Why  do  all people  lie ?
Sometimes  it’ s  a way  to  escape
Or  get  away  from  all  the  things
You  can not  say..

Lie  lie  it’ s  a lie
Why  do  all people  lie ?
Is  it  right  or  do  we  have
To  utter  what  we  feel  inside
People  might  get  sad  or  mad
But  it’s  only  a world  of  lies

If  you  pretend  to  tell  the  truth
No one  believes  you.. they  will  say
It’ s  just  a  lie..
So  lie lie  it’ s  a lie
All  people  I  think  lie

              Tareq  s.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Being tagged

Let me remember 7 random or weird things:

1. I used to ask every lady I see if she was wearing a wig lol. That was when I was 5 or 6 years old.
2. I wasn't very sociable at school, though my classmates were dying to be their best friends.
3. I used to sit for hours by myself listening to music.
4. I liked making tricks on ppl.
5. I used to sleep a lot at granny's house and really I do miss her a lot, Allah yer7amha.
6. I used to cut my hair (my fringe) and my mother used to go crazy bcoz I looked funny.
7. I used to wear my mother's high heels shoes a lot and once I fell and I hv a scar till now on my forehead.

ppl to be tagged:
um omar

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Last scene

Scene 4:
Della 4 (is looking at herself on the mirror and talking to herself): Will he see me as beautiful as I was? Will he continue to love me as before? Oh, what can I do now? It’s time for Jim to be home.
Della puts the gift on the table. A knock on the door, Jim comes in.
Della 4: Merry Christmas, Jim.
Jim: (shouts loudly): Della, what happened to your hair?
Della 4: Jim, do you love me only for my hair? (She starts to cry.)
Jim: Della, don’t cry. I love you that’s why I brought for you the set of combs which you really wanted.
Della 4: (cries again.)
Jim: Della, let me see your gift and forget about mine now.
Della wipes her tears happily and says: Give me your watch, I brought for it a platinum chain instead of the worn one you have.
Jim laughs ironically and says: Della, let’s put the gifts aside and remember the Magi, they were wise men who invented the art of

giving Christmas presents. Being wise, their gifts were no doubt wise ones. We both sacrificed for each other to bring these wise gifts. Let’s enjoy being together. Merry Christmas.

* * * *
In the back ground the song, “My heart is yours,” is played.
Suddenly narrator 5 appears on stage… Della & Jim freeze on stage… He starts talking to the audience: Isn’t that what Christmas is all about, love and sacrifice! Oh, I can see some people coming towards us. Who are these people?
The 3 Magi come up on stage holding 3 boxes.
They talk to narrator 5: We are the three Magi, we invented Christmas gifts.
Magi 1: (holds a wand) he brings Jim back to life.
              Merry Christmas, Jim. Look at your lovely wife, did 
              anything change in her? She’s still a loving and a caring
              wife as she used to be. We have 3 boxes with us, you’ll
              choose one & Della will choose one, too.
Magi 2: goes to Della… Della, We are the Magi.. We brought
               presents for you. You have to choose one now.
Della & Jim are confused… What boxes are you talking about? What gifts?
We’ve already had ours?

Magi 3: It’s a wish you can have for Christmas… You can ask for anything… Your wish is my command. Can you see the boxes we have?
Della to Jim: Oh, Jim if I could get my hair back and you could get your watch back, wouldn’t that be great?
Jim: No Della… Love is the greatest gift of all.

Jim hurries towards Magi 2 and takes the box… I want this gift…
The 3 Magi are so happy with his choice. They opened Box 1 & 3.
Della’s hair was in one box and in the other box, Jim’s watch.
Della & Jim open together
Box 3
and find inside it the word love and a big red heart. It’s how they’ll continue their life together.
Background music, “It’s Only Christmas.”
Narrators and characters start coming on stage…

The End

Monday, December 6, 2010

Song 2

كل يوم

كل يوم بقول اليوم رح نتصارح
كل يوم بقول اليوم رح نتفاهم
اليوم بيجي وبكره كمان
ولكن... ولا اشي بصير

لا متى رح نفضل هيك
شو... شكله عاجبك الحال
طيب... أحسن تعود على عدم السؤال

أنا مش رح أستنى كتير
فرصك راحت من بكير
روح وانساني
ما عدت من زماني
أيامنا راحت
وما رح تعود
امبارح صار ذكرى
واليوم كمان
دور على بكره
و عيش الأحلام
ما رح تصحى من الأوهام
و لغرورك رح تبقى سجين
أبدا ما رح تحيا الا حزين

Tareq S.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Song

فعلا غريبه

كل شي فيكي غريب
نظراتك... بسماتك... ضحكاتك
بتحبيني أنا.. وللا هو
فعلا.. انت غريبه
وكل شي فيكي عجيب

أنا فعلا محتار
ومش قادر أوصل لقرار
كل ما أـشوفه و أشوفك
بسأل نفسي و بقول
انت اللي وللا  لأ
و برجع و بقول..
كل شي فيكي عجيب
وانت فعلا غريبه

مين فينا المسكين
أنا.. انت واللا هو
واحد فينا مخدوع
و صار لازم يعرف بالموضوع
مش مهم مين المخدوع

رح أمشي أنا هلأ
لأنك فعلا غريبه وكل شي فيكي عجيب

Tareq S.