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Monday, November 29, 2010

Scene 3/ Part 2

Scene 3/Part 2:
Jim goes inside a gift shop.
Shop-keeper 2: How can I help you, sir?
Jim: My wife has lovely hair and she deserves the amazing combs set you are displaying on the shop window.
 Young man 2: It’s already mine, sir. I reserved it last week. I’m giving to my wife.
Narrator 3: Della sacrificed with her hair to buy Jim a gift. Poor Jim, he still doesn’t know that.
Jim: I have no one in this life except my loving and caring wife. Please, I sold my watch to have enough money to buy her a gift. She only deserves this set. Please, sir.
Shop-keeper 2: Young man, there are other beautiful things you can buy for your wife. Let that poor person and his wife be happy on Christmas.
Gentleman 2 gives the set to Jim.
Jim buys the watch and rushes home.
Narrator 4: What an ironic situation!
Poor Della and Jim! How will each of them react to this situation?
Let’s watch the final scene now.