Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Scene 3/ Part 1

Narrator 2: Della has the money now, what about Jim? Does he have enough money to buy Della a gift?
Della 3 & Jim are in the middle of the stage, not facing each other.
In the background, a song is played “Believe again.” Della & Jim turn and dance together. The song fades away.
Della & Jim walk in two different directions…
Shop 1:
Shop-keeper 1: Good evening, madam. How can I help you?
Della 3: I want to buy a gift for my husband and I saw a platinum watch chain two weeks ago. Do you still have it?
Shop-keeper: You mean the one that the young man is holding.
Della 3 (turns around and looks at him): Yes, it is.
Della 3 (walks towards the young man): Excuse me, sir. Can I have the chain, please?
Young man 1: Sorry, lady. I saw it first and I want to give it to my grandfather on Christmas. It really suits him.
Della 3: Please, sir. It’s so important to me… Please.
(She starts crying.)

Shop-keeper 1: Sir, give it to her please. I have other collections. I will show them to you.
The young man hesitantly gives the watch chain to Della.
She holds it and runs happily in the street.


  1. She holds it and runs happily in the street.

    did she stole it!?!! no i am just kidding! but you remind me with some kind of personality disorder when the patient start thinking in concrete way!

  2. Even though I know the story but I'm so excited :D

    I wish if I'm in Jordan so I can come to watch it live :(
    When is the big day??

  3. w7l: thx 4 the link.. U made me feel as if I'm a gr8 writer, analysing and using psychological interpretations.. Really thx Dr...

    Whisper: I hope u'll make it and come.. It's next month.. I didn't set a date yet but it's between 15-22 of December..

  4. Thx.. Wait 4 part two of scene 3.. :))

  5. Salam :D ...

    long days :D
    you HAVE TO record your play for us :D
    i wanna watch it video :D

    Thank you...