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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Scene 2

Mme Sophronie’s Salon
Della is wearing her brown coat and brown hat. She enters the hairdresser’s shop.
In the background the song, “Je suis Malade,” is played.

Della 2: Bonjour Mme Sophronie.
Mme Sophronie: Bonjour, Belle.
Della 2: Do you buy hair?
Lady 1: (stands and stares at Della) Are you serious?
Della 2: When it’s Christmas and you don’t have money to buy a gift what can you do?
Lady 2: There must be a solution but not to sell this beautiful hair.
Mme Sophronie: Let me see, Della. How much do you want?
                                I can only give you 2o dollars. D’accord?
Lady 1 & 2: No.. Don’t do that!
Lady 1: If I had your hair I would never sell it.
Lady 2: Think before you do it.
Mme Sophronie:  Femmes, leave her alone, s’il vous plait.
Narrator 1 (speaking to the audience): Will she do it? What do you think?
Della 2: Madame , I agree.
Mme Sophronie starts cutting Della’s hair.


  1. ironically,all woman usualy pays more than 2o$ for a hair cut,,,at least della is getting a hair cut and 20$>

    thats me...always looking for the bright side

  2. The hardest moment when I saw scissors near the hair and that hair was long :(

    waiting for scene 3

    Thank you Tareq

  3. naysan: lol I really liked ur comment..

  4. I am visible: nxt Tuesday :)
    Really thx..

  5. Don't be late next Tuesday OK!!! :)

    As usual I loved Naysan's comment :D

  6. :)
    nice comments , really.

    and of course gr8 scene <=== goes w/o saying aslan :)

  7. Thx Haitham.. U r definitely giving me a push..

  8. Great scene, looking forward to to the next.
    The sacrifice that she makes is a tough but beautiful one.
    Good job

  9. Thx 4 participating, Struggling Muslimah.. I'm so happy that u liked it..