Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Scene 1

Scene One:
At the Dillingham’s house.
Della is sitting beside the window, some coins are there on the table and she’s crying so hard. She stands up and walks back and fro.
Della 1: One dollar and eighty- seven cents. (3 times)
               That’s all! How can I buy a gift for my Jim? Oh my God, please help me to find a way. It’s Christmas … It’s time to share and give gifts but how can I buy a gift. (She cries again.)
Oh, Jim please forgive me. I don’t have anything to sell. (She looks around.) Oh, really there’s noththth (She stops and walks to the mirror.)

No.. There is something to sell… (She touches her hair and looks at herself on the mirror.)

But how can I sell my hair.. Jim won’t love me if I do so..
Jim loves me not my hair, he always used to sing for me..

(In the background, “Just the way you are” is played.)

I have no choice, I have to sell it.


  1. waiting for 2nd scene...
    Thank you...

  2. w7l: I appreciate ur opinion.. Thx my dear friend..

    Haitham: I told u wait & c.. Wallahy it's not a threat lol.. I really like ur sense of humour..

    I am visible: It seems u like it.. Scene 2 is coming so soon :)

  3. I'm waiting too :)
    Happy Eid to u and the family