Monday, November 15, 2010


People are of different types & kinds.
They have different mentalities & minds.

They share knowledge with each other.
But some don’t even try to bother.

Watch out the stupid ones!
& stick to the clever ones.

If you need help & you are quite confused,
Go to your friend for assistance, definitely you’ll be amused.

If being sad or mad,
Stay away from the bad.

Take your time to relax & rest
& then see whom you can pick for the best.

People are mystery
Since the beginning of history
Whatever is said?
Nothing can be led
To their strange reality!


  1. Oh People..
    what can we do !!! They are people...

    Thank you a lot :)

  2. People r strange, aren't they? :)))
    Thx I'm visible.. I'm always happy with ur comments..