Friday, October 29, 2010

So Real

Never found someone
Who would search into my soul
Who could see more than
What is revealed?

Someone who finds things
That I do hide..
Not only my smile
That is obvious for all
Someone who would really care
For me
All I found was just a lie
In an empty space..
Though it was full of people
Who are nothing but pretenders
I’ll never stop hoping
For that someone..
Who’s going to be..
So real
I might wait for so long
But at least…it’s going
To be real…not a dream
That can be faded away……
           TAREQ S.


  1. Very nice :)

    A lot are waiting too ...

    But how to know is it real or just a dream ??? I mean before going deeper in our emotions or some times before loosing the real

  2. hoping/aspiring 4 that sm1 is nice,,, but not enough! Right?

    It requires hard work "too" even after u find that other half that makes u complete.


  3. You r right, Whisper.. We have to keep trying and being disappointed!

    Haitham, first let me find and then I'll work hard on that :)