Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Second Visit

Fahed's initiative, of running from his school to come to see me & see Waleed , really left an impact on me... I had a mixture of complicated feelings.. So I started my own initiative ,which I called, NES Initiative Donation Campaign.. We started collecting money to donate them to Fahed and his friends... To my surprise, when the owner of my school knew about that, he decided to donate 5 computers to them..

We chose the day before Mother's Day to go and visit them... They were really over the moon when they saw us coming again, especially, Fahed... You can't imagine how that story have changed my view of life. I discovered that other things matter too..

This year, I will go somewhere else to help small children suffering from cancer..


  1. It gave a great feeling to know that u made difference in somebodies life

    I once wrote about it ...I called it "another kind of happiness"

  2. الله يبارك فيك و يقدرك على زرع الابتسامة ، ما شاء الله عليك :)