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Monday, October 11, 2010


Today I went back a year ago to my last job; the reason was what happened with a colleague of mine.. Last year I was the English coordinator for the whole primary in my school, I wasn't only following teachers academically, I was their support agains the administration as well.

I left that work and joined a new school, I don't want to go into the reasons but I'm writing this because I cant imgine how people can be passive when they have the power. Let me be clearer, today one of the teachers got a notification from the administration for a silly reason just beacuse the coordinator couldn't defend her. She felt the real meaning of opression, here I remembered what I used to do last year... I compared this situation with many situations I went through last year and how I used to protect my teachers and colleagues...

It seems we shouldn't tell the truth or fight for our rights we should be just like sheep to follow only !!


  1. Today I visited my cousin, she is an English teacher too, all the time she was complaining about her new coordinator who only want to show her self in-front of the administration.
    My cousin is an excellent teacher and she loves her job, but she start thinking about quitting her job because of that coordinator

    For me I'm not a quitter... I know that some times we feel like there is nothing we can do but I'm convinced that we have to fight all the way to get our rights no matter what

  2. hell no!!!! we should fight for our rights, even if this did go well with our supervisors, i think being herd-like brainwashed sheep is not the answer

  3. Of course, it's not the answer... But most ppl are not brave enough, I don't want to use the other word for that..