Saturday, October 2, 2010


They are monsters in human faces
Trying to hide their own traces

All they do is to fight
Behind their disguised sight

How horrible that look can be
When they are aiming at me

Time is running so fast
It can never wait or last

If you surrender to them
It means you are one of them

Never change your way
Stop… think then say

I will never give up
Though I’m fed up

I’ll continue to be me
Because it’s what I like to see

How great to feel the victory
When others find it a mystery
But when time goes by
Definitely you’ll sigh
And say oh…
That was the past
Thank God it didn’t last
No more monsters to cause me pain
And drive me insane

Nothing can be remembered now
Relax, pray & vow
Just enjoy the victory
Because no more mystery

                        Tareq S.


  1. do you mean monsters from the past, or the ones you are teaching now ?

  2. Definitely not my students... I mean some other people by this poem!!